Over the last few years, garage doors have gone from just another part of the house to one of the most exciting things. Previously, people did not pay attention to garage doors and they’re aesthetics. But, today, garage doors are one way of expressing yourself. This is why we see a higher number of custom garage doors these days with exciting and compelling designs.

Having maintained them meticulously, it can be genuinely heartbreaking when your garage door is not delivering the performance you expect. Over time, wear and tear take their toll on your garage door and prevents it from working properly.

The most common problem reported in this state is unintentional damage while backing up a car. These kinds of blows can directly damage a garage door and its spring and render it useless. For such problems, you will want to consider Castle Rock Garage Door Repair to take care of your problem.  

What’s in the spring?

When installing a garage door, you must always ensure that the parts fitted are of the highest quality. These parts keep the garage door functioning in all situations. Unfortunately, most companies do not use high-quality parts, and these inferior parts can cause problems in the future. Within a few years after installation, your garage door spring might begin to get worn out, thus leading to a new repair.

Unlike regular springs, we prefer to use the best springs that we have so that your garage door doesn’t have to face these issues again. Finding the perfect parts for each garage door is undoubtedly no easy task. Still, we maintain an extensive inventory to service all our clients. Our technicians are highly trained in garage door repair, and they can change the springs on your door in no time at all. The springs that we use are heavy-duty torsion springs that provide the following benefits.

-A high (33,000) life cycle

-A Shelf life of fifteen years with a ten-year warranty

-Best in class torsion springs

Using these high-quality springs allows us to service your garage door the way it needs to be repaired. Using the wrong products is not just a bad idea for you but also the garage door, which can suffer because of your choices.

What makes us unique?

Having been in the industry for a long time, we know how to service garage doors correctly. We have a variety of torsion as well as extension springs for garage door spring repair Castle Rock. Our dedication to our customers is a priority, and we have delivered quality services time and again.

Over the last dozen years, we have helped many people with their garage doors, and this is just the beginning. Castle Rock is not just a brand but a seal of quality. Among all the other garage door repair services out there, we have outshone everyone with our passion and work ethic. To achieve these results, these three value pillars have been crucial to our growth:

  • Transparency

We do not charge any extra or have hidden costs. Our quote is straightforward and won’t be altered unnecessarily.

  • Quality to Remember

One of the primary reasons why our work stands out above the competition is our quality service. The Castle Rock brand is known for its excellent customer service and quality work.

  • Dedication

Being on time all the time is our motto. With a focus on discipline and attentiveness, we deliver quality service to all our clients.

In the last decade, Castle Rock has undergone tremendous success, and it keeps getting better every day. To get a hold of our garage door repair services, kindly get in touch with us today!

Spring Repair That Will Breathe Life Into Your Garage Door

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